Hey there, Adventurous Heart

I'm Kimon—your guide, photographer, and Greek Island Bestie.

Choosing to love is a brave act, involving holding someone close to your heart. It marks a vulnerable and significant moment when two people decide to commit to one another.

Do you know what also is a brave act? Eloping. Imagine starting your commitment to each other by starting on an epic adventure—eloping in Greece (or in Italy, or anywhere along the Mediterranean, I have my passport ready)

You're not traditionalists; you're pioneers of love! I know you smell adventure and are eager for unforgettable moments. That's where I come in.

With me, you get more than just a photographer. You gain a companion who is obsessed with your journey as you are in living it capturing every bold and crazy moment that defines you.

Say hello, dear adventurous heart—your journey begins here.

Destination & Fine Art Photography
"The fact that we continue to fall in love with people and ideas and places is not evidence of our cupidity or our dumbness, but our strength. When we love…really love…in any way, we are announcing to the world that we intend to survive."
~Tennessee Williams

Artistic Films

Cinematography now Available